Friday, April 20, 2012

Transducers of Consciousness

Like it or not, we are becoming ‘shamanized’. We are experiencing an internal shift that will lead to the collapse of the space-time reality that we think of as ‘normal’. What an opportunity to live in shamanic consciousness!
It’s not something to worry about, but we can find ourselves challenged by new views of the constructs that we once thought were reality.
If we allow it, we can become transducers of consciousness (converters of energy from one form to another)  as we take our part in an experiment that calls us to wake up to new levels. This can lead us to become co-creators of our destiny, to stretch our human consciousness and to rely on each other to rebuild our world together. 

Crazy or heavenly, that’s the call.
By living like a shaman we can bring simplicity back into a world that has been dominated by the complexities of ego for thousands of years. Simplicity is not just a cool idea, it is the way we were originally designed. It’s the imprint of traditional and unconditional selflessness that is open to all possibilities.
As the new world advances, we find ourselves naturally wanting to stop thinking so much. We know that it is putting a strain on us. We find ourselves surrendering, not giving up. With surrender, we can breathe into freedom.
We are not alone. Help is here. Spirits, angels, power animals, guides and ancestors want to support us as we learn to live from our hearts. The world turns over and we become conduits for the flow of life, love and cosmic consciousness. 

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