Monday, April 16, 2012

Illumination Through Shamanic States of Consciousness

Shamans and shamanic healers are found universally in ancient human cultures. In all hunter-gatherer societies individuals have used altered states, or for our purposes, Shamanic States of Consciousness - SSC - to interact with the spirit world on behalf of their communities. Over time healers in settled societies have limited themselves to specialised fields.

It may seem that therefore complex societies no longer have any use for systems that are basically tribal and related to very simple technology. However, altered states of consciousness are a natural biological response, available to all human beings. They come about through the synchronization of brain wave patterns across different regions of the brain.

The path through sacred relationships to spiritual empowerment is one that every human being has a right to travel. If we go far enough back, we all come from tribes that lived in accordance with the rhythms and patterns of nature and that long, long history is encoded in our DNA, even though we and our ancestors have been urban dwellers for the last two or three hundred years.

These synchronized brain wave patterns take us back to more ancient brain processes that can be intuitive, visionary and can lead us into a greater sense of balance.

Shamanic journey states and visions are related to astral levels of perception. Many spiritual traditions speak of the ‘alignment’ of all the levels of our being as necessary for us to function at our best.

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