Friday, July 8, 2016

What are power places?

Power places are usually places in nature, especially where two or more elements meet. 

High on a mountain, where the earth meets the sky is often recognised as a place of great power.

Lakes cradled in mountain valleys are power places. 

Lake Tso Pemo (Rewalsar) Southern Himalayas
Rhotang Pass 3980 metres between Kullu Valley and Lahoul and Spitti Valleys

A mountain pass can be a power place – a flattened area below mountain peaks, reminding people of an altar.

So can caves, where the element of space is cradled within the earthen heart of a cliff or mountainside.

Although it's remote, a lot of people squeeze into Tenzin Palmo's 'Cave in the Snow'

A solitary retreat cave on the mountainside

Power places have 'telluric presence'. This means natural electrical or magnetic energies flowing close to the earth’s surface. Some esoteric lore says that these energetic flows not only travel around the earth, but pass through it. 
They create angles of force that are the source of sacred geometry and link far-flung places through the energies we know as ley lines or song lines.

High altitude climb to Tayul Gompa above the Chandra (Moon) River

Power places do not have to be far and remote. 

We can all create our own power places by following our instinct when we feel drawn to a particular place in nature, with, perhaps a special tree or other plants. 

Sacred Ash

Sanctify it by sitting, meditating, walking the land, burning incense and it's power will grow. It will be a place of refreshment and beauty for you.

You may even bring home some sacred earth or ash on your feet.