Friday, April 6, 2012

Shamanism in the Modern World - 3

A shamanic way of working
•        Create a sacred or shamanic space using ritual
•        Set a strong intention
•        Surrender through the heart to Spirit and then let go
Shamanic healers work through the energy or light body: the organizing principle or blueprint of the physical body. Michael Harner, on P120 of  ‘The Shaman’s Way’ describes using his free hand to detect variations in the client’s energy field. This is very similar to the assessment phase of energy healing, theraputic touch, theta healing and other subtle healing systems.
The next level is mysterious. Fully engaged in the space of trance or altered consciousness, he or she is free to explore, travel, call for help and seek support or healing for the client. This is facilitated by:
a.           A medicine wheel. A circle of power that links to the six directions of the natural world and is a bridge to the core of being.
b.          Singing, rattling, clapping or drumming. The different frequencies stimulate or harmonise energetic and brain circuits.
c.           Calling in power animals and spirit helpers as vital links to personal strength and natural wisdom.
d.                   Power objects, often carried in a ‘medicine bundle’, including quartz crystals, feathers, bones, wood and other significant pieces.
Such resources provide ceremonial, intentional and creative alignment, but the outcome is left to Spirit. Shamanic practitioners must cultivate a high level of skill so that, although they are not in control of outcomes, they have deep enough familiarity with the spirit world and its powers, to keep themselves and their clients safe.
A skilled practitioner engages four levels of reality with ascending levels of power.
1.          physical – the level of body, matter
2.          mental – the level of mind, thinking and emotions
3.          soul – the level of archetypes, myths, fairy tales – ‘…archetypal energies can be seen manifested in multiple, interconnected patterns of physical form and structure, symbolic meaning and psychospiritual significance.’  Jeremy Taylor P239
4.          spirit – the level of fundamental, essential energy
A shaman cultivates the ability to function in all levels, move between them appropriately, enter and work in other realities and effectively re-emerge into ordinary consciousness when the work is complete.
And what of my vision quest? My notes say:‘All day I have been releasing my pain and fear into Mother Earth. She takes it in and gives me back a sense of ease and sweetness. The mystery is right here before me. It’s made up of release, joy, intricacy, attention, energy, power. I’ve been in the mystery all day.’

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