Thursday, July 26, 2012

Transmissions of Power

Our shamanic retreat was held at Earth Spirit Yoga in Byron Bay

The tepee was the heart of our ceremonial space. Over five intense days we received eight 'karpays' - direct transmissions of power to build energy for our evolution and capacity to hold new consciousness.
First, Mosok Karpay, the 'new rite' that aligns the healing lineage of the Inca with the new times in which we live.

Don Basilio built a despacho or 'medicine wheel' and called on the support of the natural world. Don David cleared our energy, using the most powerful and sacred tool of Peruvian shamanism, a condor feather. Whooooooo! And so our hearts and hands were aligned and all the chakras were worked.

During the next few days we travelled together through ceremonies of connection and reciprocity with Pachamama, rites of healing, expanding the divine feminine in each of us, and later, calling the high mountains for support, linking with our inner masculine energy.

Peruvian shamanism regards the balance of masculine and feminine energy to be central to the evolution of each individual and of the world.

When we participated in similar ceremonies in Peru, at Inca power sites and energetic portals in the Andes, the environment responded with thunderstorms, lightning displays, rainbows, mists, writhing cloud patterns and sweeping wind swirls.

In the watery world of Byron Bay, wind and the sea danced a powerful duet off the Lighthouse. rainbows came and went and cleansing rains poured down.

Another ceremony connected us with the plains and valleys of the Altiplano and empowered our Mesas or 'medicine bundles' containing the precious shamanic objects that each of us brought to the retreat.

Kurak Akullek Karpay linked us to to the sun, moon and stars and to the lineage of elders who can 'masticate' the old wisdom and turn it into nourishment  for the young ones who follow. Completing our cosmic journey, the God Rite joined us directly with the universe and with Wiracocha, the Creator.

At each ceremony, our hopes, dreams and intentions were energetically incorporated in the despacho and our blocks, barriers and inhibitions were swept away and destroyed by fire.

The effects of these powerful ceremonies have continued. Many thanks for the generosity of Don Basilio, Don David and our hosts, Gerard and Tanya

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Giving Back

Once, on a vision quest, I sat and watched a tree being blown back and forth by a strong wind. The tree’s shadow seemed to stroke the ground but more than that, there was powerful energy in the space between the crown of the tree and the earth, brought into awareness by the shadow.

In that moment I understood that just as the earth nourishes the tree, the tree sends even more subtle energies back to earth. The smoothing motion of the shadow told the story.

How often do we ground ourselves by drawing energy from the earth? We know how good it feels to have this connection as we perform energy work or ‘hold our ground’ in a difficult situation.

We are connecting with the energy of love: the prime power of creation that is held by our mother, the earth.

Love is not just an emotion. It is a pure substance with tangible qualities. When we are filled with love, miracles can happen because the substance or essence of love within, draws the same core quality to us and it is from this field that we can do our work of healing, shining, connecting.

We can continue to take energy from the earth and she will continue to give or we can learn from the tree. Sometimes it feels even better to turn the connection on its head, gather our energies and offer them to earth.

Stand barefoot on the earth, reflect on all the gifts she give us, connect with your heart and hold the intention to nurture her with that loving energy. Hold your hands parallel to the ground and feel the energy flow down.

Do a little dance and feel the joy. Acknowledge any trees that are watching. Listen and you will hear the earth whisper a reply.