Sunday, April 8, 2012


Shamanism is the most delicate of practices that requires attention, care and respect. It involves holding openness, willingness, not knowing, vulnerability and trust that if the heart is open, harm cannot be done. It is about seeing the sacred in all things, releasing fear, opening into love and connecting with nature, the great healer and teacher.

A word that is often used in relation to shamanism is ‘impeccable’. The dictionary says that this means perfect or without flaws. Given that most of us are only too aware of our flaws and imperfections, how do we begin to live an impeccable life?

Interestingly, it’s not by pushing ourselves to be perfect, but by gently peeling away the layers of what we think we know.

Start small by questioning any long-standing beliefs or ways of doing things that are automatic. If we do something because ‘I’ve always done it that way’ it’s a good idea to stop and ask ourselves why. The best way to do this is in altered consciousness.

When you have some quiet time, go into meditation or do a shamanic journey to a drumbeat. When you are deeply connected, ask yourself or your spirit guides where this belief came from. You may be surprised at the insights you receive.
Your choice to act or think this way may prove to be well founded. But, if it's causing a problem in your life and is a deeply ingrained habit or pattern that you’ve never questioned, it offers a great opportunity to change. 

When we act without thinking, we reinforce ‘consensual reality’. This is a set of often unspoken beliefs by a group or community that limit what we think is true. By adhering to any rigid, unexamined beliefs we limit our own freedom.

Living like a shaman requires that we keep questioning until we strip away all beliefs that no longer serve us. Little by little as the layers disappear, each moment becomes an opportunity to make skilful choices. Burdens from the past or fears for the future no longer limit the possibilities of now. That’s impeccability. 

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