Thursday, June 21, 2012

When the Mountains Come to the Ocean

Don't you love it when dimensions collide and events in shamanic consciousness play out unexpectedly in our ordinary world?

While I was leading a group in a shamanic journey recently, I spontaneously went into a brief journey of my own (usually I make a point of staying present in the room in case I'm needed).

In the journey, my power animal danced and raced joyously around a field where the huachuma (San Pedro) cactus, used for healing on all levels, grew alongside pink mulla mulla, the central Australian plant that is renowned for healing of the spirit.

What a perfect symbol for the way in which my experiences in Peru last year are blending with my life as a Western shamanic teacher and healer in Sydney.

Spirit had plans for this energetic connection to become my reality - I learned that Don Basilio, my teacher in Peru and his shamanic assistant, David, were coming on their first  visit here.

At Byron Bay, where the continent meets the ocean, they conducted eight powerful ceremonies of cleansing, blessing and initiation. 

Each ceremony included the creation of a despacho; a sacred mandala into which we placed our hopes and wishes, for blessing, as well as our difficulties, for purification.

At the end of each ceremony, the despacho is carefully folded, tied up and burnt, far away where we can't reabsorb our negativities.

Don Basilio is a Q'ero shaman, the son and grandson of shamans, known in Peru as Paqo. He is a Pampamesayok or Earthkeeper, with special, powerful connections to the land in the high Andes. He is also a recognised descendant of the Inca and a holder of the famous prophecies that this time is a portal offering the opportunity for a new humanity to rise.

The mountain ceremonies have been performed here for the first time. Dimensions merge with a gift of grace for our times.

more to come ...